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 Douglas Baby 75

Vintage Speargun
From the Collection of Paul McTaggart


Hello, this page is dedicated to on of my favorite spearguns from my collection, the Douglas Baby 75.
I set it up mainly as an informational site. After researching it on the net
I appreciated the vintage quality of this piece. I decided to make a more complete page for vintage scuba collectors to see.

Invented by Monsieur Forjot 1938 (makes this a very old speargun)
It's all metal made (mainly aluminium), 31" long.

 Side Left, as you can see the gun is in great shape, only piece missing is the wood knob for the reel.
 Side Right, is the spear line original? Don't know but appears so.
notice the fish emblem on the arm rest.
Here it is, a very cool emblem embossed on the galvanized aluminum, a Bass with a spear through it.
Here is the engraved name, nice dowels huh.
The handle reads "DOUGLAS BABY 75" and "Bté SGDG" ( = Breveté Sans
Garantie Du Gouvernement = Patented without warranty of the Government, the legal formula
on the french patents)

Your arm slides thru the arm rest and to the handle.

The holes on the blue shaft are for rinsing vents. in the holes you can see the loading spring that the spear slides into, it then pushes at the back of the internal spring and locks.


Here is the spear tip and guide, the tip has a pair of wires that hold the spear tip wings down till after fish is shot. The guide (part that holds the string to the spear and slides down the shaft) has 4 tubes in it, appears to be to stabalize the shaft in flight, like feathers on an arrow.


Here are some great pictures sent by
Cyril Malzac
He is from France, where this great vintage speargun originated.

These are his spearguns, a very nice collection.


More info on Monsieur Forjot

If you have any further information on this speargun, please email me